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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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brian flores. welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning nows. >> i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. let's start off with a quick look at your weather. steve paulson back with a look at this storm coming our way. little one? >> little one. it's coming down the coast. it will probably hug the coast but increasing clouds right now. rain offshore. highs today in the upper 40s or low 50s. and maybe rain later. here is traffic. we have a look at the east shore freeway where traffic is looking pretty good at this hour. you can see the headlights at westbound as you make your way toward the bay bridge. san francisco 101 this is a look there. you can see traffic on the right hand side toward sfo looking good. let's head back to the desk. we begin with breaking news from oakland. police are investigating three homicides. there are two different scenes. one in oakland. one in west oakland and one in east oakland.
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ktvu alex savidge is live on walnut street. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. the sergeant here on scene told me in this case a woman was found stabbed to death early this morning. officers are still out here on scene. you can see a couple patrol cars parked out here on this street. the stabbing happened inside this apartment building in a second floor unit. we'll show you video we shot a short time ago. this is all taking place in the 5800 block of walnut. neighbors called 911 just about two hours ago. around 2:30 this morning. when officers aryed here on scene they went inside this unit and found this woman with multiple stab wounds and she died here on scene. a sergeant told me a short time ago police do have a possible suspect. a man in custody at this point. they are not saying much about who this person is. and the motive at least at this point according to the sergeant remains unclear. in addition, oakland police also investigating a second deadly shooting.
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another crime scene. two people who were found dead shot to death. this all happened early this morning as well in the 800 block of immediate. right near san pablo. police there at that scene aren't saying a whole lot about what the motive may have been for that deadly shooting. or much about the victims. in both of these cases the victims remain unidentified. live this morning in oakland alex savidge. the victim of a hit and run crash now has firsthand knowledge of the violent crimes crisis in oakland. he's been stranded since 7:00 last night. when he got here the truck slammed into his parked car. the hit and run driver left the scene. and he spent the entire night asking the oakland police department asking for help. >> they said they had no eta. no officers available. highway patrol officer came and said it's not his location.
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he left me here abandoned on this street which is not a good neighborhood. >> both the oakland fire department and aaa told them they could not help him because this was considered a crime scene. just hours ago we contacted oakland police. the city of oakland says it has a new crime fighting strategy and comes after the department avoided a federal takeover. the big name being brought in from los angeles and what he's planning to do to lower the city's crime rate. chp still at the scene of a deadly crash. it all began with a traffic stop for speeding. christien kafton is near 580 with more. >> reporter: this deadly crash happened last night at about 11:20. as you said chp still on the scene conducting an investigation. if you look there in the distance you can seat silver
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bmw in the road there and in the distance there a black lincoln. that bmw smashed into that lincoln killing one of the persons inside that vehicle and then tried to run from the copping. california highway patrol tells us this started as a regular pull over. as a stop for speeding. the driver had been spotted speeding but the chp had the car pulled over at 90th. the officers got back into their patrol car and began following the bmw. they lost sight of that car momentarily. when they came over the hill here they came upon this deadly crash. the entire incident took place in a minute or so. the bmwt-boned the lincoln killing one woman inside. >> the bmw collided into a black lincoln. the driver of the bmw jumped z out of the car and began
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running along with its passenger. >> reporter: they eventualize caught that driver and were able to make a good id because they got a good look at him after they pulled over that bmw. at this point there is no signs of that passenger. i talked to chp earlier this morning. they are interviewing that driver to find out who that passenger was. trying to find out why they ran. right now there is no indication of why they ran. that is still under investigation at this point. the driver of that vehicle that bmw is in jail facing vehicle manslaughter charges. one more note two people in that lincoln were also taken to the hospital. that is in addition to the one person that was killed in that vehicle. fourth person in that vehicle the driver was able to walk away with relatively minor injuries. trying to get to the bottom of why the driver of that bmw took off in the first place and
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caused this hour reffic accident here -- horrific accident here. the search is on for whoever critically wounded a man in a bart station. he was shot around 6:50 last night. he was taken to gonomery hospital with life threatening injuries. bart service was interrupted while police searched the station but they did not find the shooter. a few hours later bart trains were held because of a report a man with a gun. police say the reports were not related to the earlier shootings. nothing was found and bart service resumed a short time later. the district attorney's office is investigating two separate police shootings. the first happened last night on san pablo avenue. officers say they were confronted by a male suspect shortly after 6:30 p.m.. that's when police opened fire. the suspect was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition.
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no officers were hurt. we are learning more about the walnut creek police shooting we fist reported about yesterday. two officers responded to a 911 call from an apartment. the dispatcher heard screaming in the background. they found the suspect armed with a weapon. they had no choice to shoot and kill him. president obama will meet with congressional leaders from both parties at the white house in a last ditch effort to avoid that fiscal cliff. the president returned early from his hawaii vacation. house speaker john boehner has called members of the house back to washington. members of the northeast are still dealing with the aftermath because of a powerful storm. the deaths of more than a disease people in several states are now being blamed on
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that storm. today state senator jerry hill will introduce a bill he hopes will cut the number of drunk drivers on the roads. he wants to acquire drunk driving offenders to install drunk driving equipment in their car after their second offense. more than a quarter of all drunk driving convictions are for repeat offenders. the california highway patrol is out checking for people celebrating the new years holiday a little too much. they operated a dui check point last night and early this morning. they seldom make a drunk driving arrest at check points. state officials say nearly one- third of all fatal accidents are drunk driving related. the agency is offering free rides to celebrate its 100th year in service. passengers can ride buses, light rails, and cable cars without paying. muni planned to charge five cents. the price which riders paid a
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century ago. the free rides will last through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. time now 4:37. let's go to tara. she is filling in for sal. there is construction in the east bay. is that 'cuing any -- is that causing any traffic issues? >> we do have that construction going on. it's been going on for awhile. it will be going on for the next half hour. should not impact your commute. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. traffic is flowing there nicely. and at the bay bridge toll plaza we have no traffic at this hour. that's the good news as you make the drive into san francisco. and 280 in san jose traffic is looking good in both directions. 4:38 here is steve. thank you. a very good morning. our system is approaching. it will weaken. it's a tricky little forecast. because it will go right along the coast. it looks like we will get a lot of cloud cover out of it and maybe some rain. we have increasing clouds and patchy fog. some of that fog most seems to be confined to the north bay.
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but clouds will be increasing. rain develops knot bay and along -- north bay and along the coast later on. a loath of that cold air is trapped. it will not be very warm today. a lot of 30s. one below up in tahoe. 18 reno. 37 degrees redding. there is a lot of cold air in place. the system though again will go right along the coast. when it does that, if it goes out here nobody gets rain. fit goes right along there, you have to paint in some rain. it looks like it's pretty close to me. mostly cloudy rain to the north. continues to be very, very cool with 50s. low 50s or upper 40s. we'll go morning rain saturday and then a cold breezy day sunday. could be a real quick mover on monday. we'll mention a few showers and tuesday mostly sunny. a man dies after being pushed into a path of a new york city train. what we have learned about the person police are searching for
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this morning. and two uc berkeley students appear before a judge. the torture charges they are facing in connection to the death of an exotic animal. here's a look at highway 24. this is in lafayette. we'll have much more traffic coming up for you in a bit.
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good morning. increasing clouds. patchy fog in the north bay. a little system there getting very close. kind of cool though. 40s or low 50s. after this morning russian children cannot be adopted by americans. russian's president signed a bill to keep americans from adopting children from russia. it's in response to a -- that targets russians. children who are in the process of being adopted now cannot leave the country. the u.s. is the biggest destination for adopted children from russia.
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general norman is being remembered as a straight talking commander. >> you are all better trained, better equipped, better led, believe it or not inspite of mre you are better fed. okay. but most of all, you are a hell of a lot tougher than they are. >> the 78-year-old general died yesterday in florida from complications from pneumonia. time now 4:44. new york police are searching for the person who killed a man by pushing him on to the subway tracks. it happened last night. authorities say the man was shoved in front of a northbound train. police believe she was pushed by a woman in her 20s. witnesses say she fled the station after the incident. the man later died at the scene. he has not yet been identified.
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two uc berkeley law students have been charged with animal cruelty. 24-year-old erik cuellar. and justin teixeira are accused of decapitating a bird. oakland is bridging in outside help to try to lower its crime rate. they have hired a former los angeles police chief as a consultant. and now he is going to be developing strategies to reduce the violence in oakland. earlier this month the city agreed to have a court appointed director oversee the police department and avoid a federal takeover. oakland woman shot while attending christmas eve mass remains in the hospital. maria spoke to us in spanish from her bed at highland hospital. she was with her family inside
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the central bethel church when stray bullets from an outside shooting came through the walls. she was hit near her heart while shielding her seven-year- old twin sons. >> the pastor was talking and then we heard something but we thought it was fire works but then it was shots. >> she is sad she is in the hospital away from her children. the church group showed their support for her by participating in a service last night for her. it happened last night on virginia drive. deputies they were responding to a domestic violence call when the suspect led them on that choice chaste. he crashed through a fence, knocked down two street signs and wedged the car against a telephone pole and a tree and ran off. no one was seriously hurt. some sacramento businesses may have taken a big hit during
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that brawl that caused wide spread panic at the mall. the incident sent packing shoppers running for the exits. coming up why the scare may have come on an especially bad day for businesses inside the mall. the san jose football team has finished its best season since 1940 with a win in the military bowl. fans crowded in downtown san jose top cheer on the spartans against bowling green. the team finished their season without head coach mike after he accepted the head coaching job at colorado. >> coach was the reason why these guys turned the program around. but at the end of the day it is the players that play the game. they know what it feels like to
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win now. >> they are ranked 24th. the kraft fight hunger bowl is tomorrow. there will be a pep rally with navy and arizona state. the pep rally set for 11:00 this morning. coaches and players will speak about tomorrow's game and both school bands will perform. preparations are under way for the newest -- volunteers are building and painting the floats for the tournament of roses parade. later today they start doing the most difficult jobs which is covering every visible inch of every float william seeds, leaves, stocks, and flowers. the bay area will be represented by two bands. valley christian high school from san jose and of course stanford university. tara moriarty watching the roads for us this morning. and tara, how are things looking? >> everything is looking pretty good so far. hopefully not too many folks out there because of the
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holiday. right now we all head over to the east bay. this is a look at highway 4. no delays. highway 24 through lafayette traffic on the right hand side there toward the caldecott tunnel is moving nicely. and finally 680 traffic is also looking good in both directions. 4:48. steve, nice to have you back. nice to be back. clouds increasing. our system will split a little bit and go right parallel to the coast. we'll have a lot of cloud cover and very cool temps. 30s and 40s right now. with that cold air trapped it will be hard to warm up. rain will spread in along the coast and north bay later on very close calls. we'll have to broad brush it. cloudy to mostly cloudy. rain to the north. continues very, very cool though. in fact below average on the temps. upper 40s or low 50s. i might be a little optimistic on some of these. rain later on this evening into early saturday. then clearing out.
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cool, cold. there is a lot of cold air behind this system. maybe a fast moving system on monday. and mostly sunny tuesday. the search continues for a suspected drunk driver missing in marin county creek. shocking allegations against a new york woman the charity scam she is accused of running following the newtown school shooting. jwwñ
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we're following breaking news from new jersey. at least three police officers have been hurt in a shooting at a police station in glouser township. the injuries do not appear to be life threaten being. the suspect shooter has been shot and killed. los angeles police showed off all the weapons they collected. in all 2,000 firearms have been turned in for $200 gift cards. mayor anthony called the buy back exchange a success but says still needs more to be done. he called for a national weapons ban and closing loopholes in assault weapons laws. at the time people were mourning newtown shooting one woman was setting up a charity
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scam. authorities say 37-year-old newel set up an internet scam. she advertised on facebook saying a funeral fund was open to donors and asked for prayer. noah's uncle says he is disgusted someone would do this. >> my nieces and i think of scammers and they are stealing from them. they are survivors from this tragedy. >> the fbi says four days after the school shooting all the money was refunded to the donors. alba denies opening the fund and says someone hacked on her facebook page. she faces up to five years in jail for lying to federal agents. a warning after a series of car break ins. oakland police installed this sign. police are warning people to keep their valuables out of sight or take them out of their car. because that area has been a recent hot spot for car break ins. in the north bay two search
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teams are using a new technology to try to find a man who jumped in the creek during a police chase. 23-year-old anthony donaldson was swept away on monday. he jumped in that creek to avoid a drunk driving test. yesterday divers used a new camera called a video ray. it allows them to see what is under water before they dive in. marin county is borrowing that video ray from contra costa county. moving on to the 5:00 hour. let's go to tara. >> everything is looking pretty good. it's still early. normally we don't see much traffic at this hour. let's head outside right now. we can take a live look. this is 92. this is san mateo bridge traffic on the right hand side there westbound as you drive toward foster city. at the mccarthur maze you can see traffic flowing well in all directions. folks on the far right hand side of your screen headed over to the bay bridge toll plaza where again we have no backup. 101 through san francisco you can see traffic on the right headed toward the airport and
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on the other side toward downtown. no delays to report. let's go to steve. thank you very much, tara. we do have a system coming in. it's a weak system. it will go right along the coast. one forecast model doesn't bring any rain at all. every system that has come in has produced rain. mostly cloudy here. patchy fog in the morning. a lot of this cold air will be hard pressed to kind of move around a little bit. there is too much cloud cover coming in. clouds almost increase. rain to the north and along the coast. 30s on the temps or very, very low 40s. oakland 41. 41 below in tahoe. 9 below in mammoth. there is a reenforcement of cold air coming in behind the system. so cloudy to mostly cloudy. mix in rain to the north bay. continues very, very cool here
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with temperatures below average. upper 40s and very low 50s. rain later. closer along the san mateo marin coast. late tonight into saturday. cold, breezy on sunday. monday could be a few passing showers no big deal. and tuesday mostly sunny. the national weather service confirms a tornado did touch down in santa cruz county. that twister hit a farm in watsonville around 7:00 saturday morning. they took this picture of a damaged greenhouse. it's already been a very violent friday morning and a very violent year for the city of oakland. three people dead in two separate homicide cases. why things may finally be looking out for seafood lovers here in the bay areas.
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a violent night in oakland. three people killed in two separate cases. we'll give you the latest information investigators are giving us. we are live in the south bay where police will be keeping an eye out for drunk drivers. we'll tell you about a new building introduced today that targ


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